Whitebook Medicina, Bulário e Conduta Médica v8.11.0 [Unlocked]

About the Whitebook Medicina:
• Downloaded by more than 500 thousand health professionals!
• More than 8,000 content updated monthly.
• More than 30 specialist doctors producing our content.
• Offline content: Access even without internet!
• With complete ICD-10!

This complete app has a medication file with 6,000 specifications (digital file), calculators, medical scores, disease guide, in addition to various medical protocols and prescriptions and clinical procedures. Including consultation with ICD-10 and the SUS Protocol C-O-M-P-L-E-TO!

Whitebook Medicina still has:
➜ Pediatric procedures in the Pediatrics section
➜ Surgical procedures and trauma
➜ Medical diagnosis and disease guides with diagnostic and therapeutic approach (constantly expanding)
➜ Antimicrobial Guide
➜ Clinical Procedures
➜ Medical Procedures
➜ Medical scores
➜ Complementary Exams
➜ Medical Prescriptions
➜ Practical conduct guides for emergency, intensive care, medical ward and outpatient clinics and more
➜ Medical Conduct in Gynecology and Obstetrics
➜ And More!

➜ ICD-10
➜ Miscellaneous Calculators
➜ Digital Medicines Bulb
➜ Disease Guide
➜ Arterial blood gases
➜ Atlas of Radiology
➜ SUS Protocol
➜ Gastroenterology
➜ Pediatrics
➜ And More!

Be sure that the Whitebook Medicine will be your tool for assisting in clinical decision-making on a daily basis.

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